FusionBlox will be back better then ever.

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Bring back FusionBlox faster!

FusionBlox is a perfect example of a project strongly supported and driven by a community, that was built around it. Over the past 2 years, players collaborated together to build an environment they love to connect to and enjoy their time in. If i could sum up FusionBlox with one sentence it would be: a balanced competitive environment for mature and young players alike, built by the community for the community.

➤ Ever-Changing Worlds

Only a few things on FusionBlox are set in stone, one of them being the rules. Everything else is constantly being improved and new features are being added. From massive chain of islands inhabited by a unique race (exclusive to FusionBlox) to a new plugin that gives players the ability to make clans. You never know what you will find when you log in next!

➤ Balanced and Fair PvP

One of the main aims of FusionBlox is to provide a balanced and competitive environment for player to enjoy. Our staff configure plugins to make sure that there are no exploits. Rule breakers are warned and punished. We love to see massive PvP battles fuelled by adrenaline and excitement, that end with both sides saying “gg”.

➤ Regular and Spontaneous Events

Let’s say you have played on the server for 6 months. You have more than enough of every resource in our Survival world. 20% of all builds in creative belong to you. Well, the last thing we want is for you to get bored... That’s why we have so many different events for you and your friends to participate in. We have the regular Stronghold event, which is the community's favorite. Then when you are not expecting it, a build or PvP event will pop out of nowhere. Each spontaneous event will have it’s own twist to it, so you will never get bored on FusionBlox.

➤ Something for everyone

Some Minecrafters like to build, others like to raid and PvP. At FusionBlox we like to provide for all varieties of Minecraft players. Our Multiworld server will satisfy any Minecrafters desires. Survival, Creative, Freebuild and Stronghold pretty much cover all the needs a Minecraft player would have. Find out more about all our worlds.

➤ No lag and 99% up time

Our true blue Australian server is hosted right here, down under! This ensures a guaranteed no lag server for us blokes and sheilas. Thanks to the on-going support from the community, we are able to afford a dedicated server. That means 99% uptime and very rare crashes.

➤ Top notch support

Any time of the day or night; any day of the year... if you need assistance, there will be someone there to help you out. If it’s not the owner of the server, it will be an admin. If it’s not an admin, it will be a mod. In many cases, one of our friendly players will be able to help you out with any questions or problems.

➤ Beyond Minecraft

FusionBlox is not only about Minecraft. We are a community that play other games together and chat on Mumble pretty much every day. What binds us together is Minecraft and the love for it and FusionBlox. Join us on mumble and have a chat.

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